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Why Your Organization Must Have An Online Learning Management System

Why Your Organization Must Have An Online Learning Management System

Online learning platform comes in various forms and to fulfill a varied purpose. You cannot avail of just anyone; you must go for something that fulfills your requirements. 

Whether you are an institute or a training company or a business organization, looking to certify employees; the choice of right platform will help fulfill your goal.

Among so many options, choosing the right platform or software is another daunting task. There are many nice solutions or tools, with various offerings, so you must focus on their features and functionalities that are important to your organization or business.

In this blog, we will first see why e-learning is becoming popular, understand in gist about different online learning platforms available, and finally how you can benefit.

Why eLearning is gaining popularity

Many institutes prefer an online platform in addition to their physical classroom for convenience.  Also, there are companies that offer training to their employees, and online teaching is both affordable and time-effective. Therefore, many organizations are opting for online learning solutions to meet their purpose.

The top reasons why you eLearning is becoming a choice:

Better retention

As technology has advanced, now learning is more interactive than that had been in the past. Courses are no longer linear that requires just reading on a screen. With audio and video versions, now the online study is synonymous with classroom studies, just anytime and from anywhere. With animations and videos, there is more user engagement and retention.


eLearning has opened the vast scope to flexibility. With online materials in the cloud and no regimented class time schedule, you can adopt learning and adjust with your time amidst the business of life, rather than being time or place-bound. This also enhanced self-study in people.

Now studying is possible 24/7/365 and time and location are no more a constraint.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

With the lowering of expenditure dues to the absence of traveling, reduced or no paper material, classroom rental, and documentation costs, online study is a budget-friendly choice. And with zero to less usage of paper, you will be supporting an eco-friendly way.

Saying this, now you understand why eLearning is becoming a trend. It has benefits for both the learner and the organization. But, there are several options and to decide your choice may be another concern. No worries, here we share a gist about four online learning options and you can choose that will fit your need. 

4 options to choose an online learning platform

Online Learning Management System

This is the most common format for online teaching online and somewhat appears like a virtual classroom, with instructors and discussions, attendance, assignments, videos and audio, learning activities, assessments, and grade system.

Social Media and Peer-to-Peer Platforms

With Facebook as a popular online platform, free social media networks are alternative to LMS. For instance, Edmodo is a free social networking application for education and is used for academic purposes by several educational organizations across the globe. 

Online Meeting/Conferencing Applications

This is also an alternative to a social networking education site or LMS. This allows online conferencing with meetings and webinars. Web conferences can mimic conventional lectures that are given in educational institutes.

Two-Way Audio

This is the last but not the least choice that you can avail, based on your need for one-to-one tutoring or coaching using  Google Hangouts or Skype, for instance.  This is a powerful way of learning, with a one-to-one approach and makes e-learning less impersonal and a better connectivity mode.

We just gave a short idea about the kind of advancement that the education sector is witnessing. Now, you don’t need to be present but access academic necessities from anywhere and anytime. As, LMS is the most popular of all the options available for online learning, and as this suits best for institutes and companies who offer training, we shall talk farther about the Learning Management System and how it can be helpful to you.

Benefits with a learning management system

If you are yet wondering why to have an online learning solution, here are a few more convincing reasons.

1. All content in one place.

There is no need to worry about space and devices, you can have all the content in one location, safely secured in the cloud space. This lowers the risk of losing data and information. 

With the cloud-based system, everyone from trainer to learner, and I case of institute usage, teachers, students and parents, all can access the software at any time and from any location. This makes a better collaboration.

2. Unlimited access

With LMS, the information is stored for availability any time and from any place across the globe. LMS is just a one-time investment but for a lifetime solution.

3. Tracks progress and performance of a learner

Any good LMS will have the functionality to track progress and performance.

You don’t need extra paper and resources to test your expertise on a subject. There will be online assessments and you can easily find your score.

Most LMS features analytics and reporting tools to point at your area of progress or lack. 

4. Lowers cost

An LMS negotiates with traveling costs, site rental costs, and printed study materials. An online study option will be a one-time investment and with more benefits.

6. Keep organizations updated with compliance regulations

Every organization needs to stay updated with compliance regulations, and an LMS will be a helpful tool.  A learning management system can be customized so that it can tell you about compliance standards to your eLearning course within a few minutes.

Also, this helps you to know that the learner is on the same page as you expected to be. Talking about expectations and company policies, an LMS can boost improve customer satisfaction.

7. Quick and convenient expansion of eLearning courses.

To add or edit some material, it is easy and fasts with an LMS.

You can say that an online learning management system is quite scientific in approach. You can make necessary changes in no time and with convenience. This is quite contradictory to the traditional mode of learning, where manual updates and changes not just consumes more time but also can be error-prone.

8. Integration with social media platforms

An LMS comes with an integrated approach. It unites learning with socializing.  With an eLearning course, you can include links to LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts and make it easily accessible and share with more people. It improves peer to peer collaboration.


A learning management system is an ideal solution to your eLearning progress. And with the scope of customization, you can get software that suits the need of your institute or business.

With an LMS you can track the attendance and performance of the learners and make the study more convenient and resourceful.

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