How COVID-19 Shifts Education System Towards eLearning?

The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector. With lockdown and fear of getting affected, maximum schools have shut down, which has impacted the academic year of students and also the economy of nations. Yet, there is uncertainty with when all schools will re-open as there is reports saying children below 10 years are susceptible to the virus and there is growing paranoid among parents from sending their children to schools, even if the schools start.

So, what can be done under this crisis? Education must continue; therefore, endeavours are being taken to shift the focus toward remote schooling. Though this may not be beneficial for everyone right at this moment, as this will need different infrastructure than a regular classroom requires; but things that can be done or initiative that can be taken, must not wait.

Institutes that have their infrastructure and children who can avail medium of online study can continue their education through this crucial time. In this blog, we tell you how to carry your remote classroom with the convenience of software and tools like an online learning management system.

Let’s take a look at how such software and see how they works and helps schools, colleges and universities to impart education with an alternative approach.

  1. Accounting and Fees     

This makes online fees collection and instant reconciliation of accounts. You can go paperless and lower manual tasks and errors.

2. Security and Communication    

This enables better security. With a centralised system, communication between schools, teachers, parents and students gets easy and fast.        

3. Inventory Management              

This is possible only if educational institutes allow students to access to subscription based digital services like e-Library.               

4. Admissions and Exams

An institute management system can streamline admissions process via online from accepting application to generation of ID card. This reduces manual tasks and save time while safe maintaining every data and information in one place which can be accessed at any time. 

5. Admin and management            

A complete software comes with an admin panel through which you can manage academics that includes syllabus, timetables, courses and lesson plans.    

With the functionalities, we can see that a great software solution can also help during post COVID enabling you to embrace the eco-friendly mode of education. This can act as an alternative approach to the regular classroom traditions. 

Besides the benefit of centralized communications, a software helps you manage your inventory and other admin related tasks.

If we see it appears that COVID-19 has created a state of crisis, but on the other way, it has open up new roads to more opportunities. Opportunity comes to they who are prepared, so this pandemic has been no hurdle for institute that already welcomed technological innovations. This phase also tells it is never late, you can start anew. The institute who can avail infrastructure can embrace technology and add remote learning to their regular practices as a substitute, for now.

Getting more from this crisis and technology-based approaches

Today, what we need as nations across the globe is a multi-stage process to manage the crisis and build a resilient education system with new approach, as we preserve the old.

The first and immediate step must be a government backed initiative keeping government institutes in mind, primarily. This will need open-source online learning solutions and software with which teacher can conduct online classes. Flipclasses in one such student management software that comes with convenient features and cover up maximum functionalities that an institute will require to operate normally.

Secondly, there must be inclusive intuitive to enable the most vulnerable and marginalized section, meet the educational needs. With ubiquitous access to technology for personalised education, the initiatives must include providing the basic infrastructure that includes mobile devices. This will definitely give scope to schools and students better options with continued education. Many districts have taken initiatives for general education purpose, where no student must feel left out. This can be practiced by all to grant better academic assistance.

Another thing that can be done is create strategies to design an education sector looking into the evolving demand of supplies, so that every faculty and student can continue the process of teaching and learning, without trouble. Also, there mut be immediate solutions to overcome the crisis that pandemic has brought upon jobs, internship and other research projects.

Finally, it is essential to consider by everyone, the innovative pedagogical methods in schools, colleges and universities to integrate classroom learning with digital mode of learning. This could be a major challenge but also a huge achievement for every nation, to unite every class of people through centralised education systems. This also needs assurance of quality education and mechanism that must be attained by every educational institute to impart good education.

Coming to e-learning, there can be multiple courses offered on the same subjects with various levels of methodology and certifications. Type of courses may vary, but quality must not be compromised.

Online learning management software

Winding up

There are many ongoing researches across the globe to invent and develop technologies and solutions to add new dimensions to education system.

In this time of lockdown and pandemic, a well-rounded education system that will benefit all sections of student in the society is the goal. What is needed is easy and convenient methods that will be handy for teachers, institutes and learners. Overcoming poverty seems a long way to go, what can do is develop solutions that is affordable to all. There are many problems, but solution will come as we focus on the remedial measures.

Many technology-based firms and agencies are coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to help. There are making of mobile devices and apps that everyone finds equal access, as already internet has reached to most of the nook and corner of the world.

Achievements in this, are farfetched, but efforts are continuous. And those who could embrace eLearning now, can made education process more convenient with online learning management system. They come with readymade solutions and also with custom options, so you can get an optimised software that will meet your extras. Do let us know your thoughts.

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