How Learning Managing Software Makes eLearning Easy And Convenient

This pandemic has inspired the world to see the essence of digital education, along with classroom studies. Many institutes had to shut down and this has hampered millions of students. Also, corporate training got affected.

We all know about e-learning. Here, we shall discuss the learning management system that makes remote learning and management easier.  Though a new thing to try, it has many advantages and could be your immense help.

LMS is a cloud-based web platform, and your online courses need a real-time watch, regular updates, no installation, course access anytime and from anywhere and more. There are many benefits of digital learning, as they are more user-centric and helps students globally, without any geographical limitations. It lots of advantages than conventional classroom education can offer. 

How Learning Managing Software Makes eLearning Easy And Convenient

What is an LMS?

We said that you need an LMS for your remote courses.

So what is it about?

An LMS is an acronym for a learning management system that will help manage your study courses and also with managing the administration part of running an institute or training.

How can software help you? Well, they are programmed to do so and offer the following functionalities.

  1. Develop course content
  2. Import the content
  3. Assign tasks
  4. Track course completion
  5. Monitor progress and performance
  6. Report about training
  7. And more

Many software comes with custom solutions, like Flipclasses. This enables you to get an application customized according to the needs of your institute of training.

Let us tell you little about the cloud based learning management system, which uses computer servers on the Internet. A cloud can be a single server or a network of servers.

Benefits of having a learning software in the cloud

Below are a few reasons why you must go for cloud-based application:

Fast set-up time

To get your set-up done with the cloud is faster than having an LMS in your network server. This saves time.

Easy implementation

With little to zero implementation hassles, getting your software installed fast and conveniently.

Higher scalability

A cloud-based LMS has more scalability, and this enables you to start with a few employees that need to begin with after some training.

Less expensive

They come with comprehensive functionalities and cost lesser.

Better accessibility

Since it is on the internet, it becomes easy for you and your learner to access it with ease and convenience.

Frequent updates

With constant accessibility, you can update courses and do modifications fast and from anywhere.

More User-Friendly

A cloud-based learning system comes with easy accessibility from both web and mobile apps. They also come to integrate with social platforms like Facebook which makes them better to use.

Better performance

With its global presence, it offers better and faster performance.

Data Security

With having all data and information in the cloud, this improves better your security and safety.

Multi-location accessibility

It has no location barrier, so this enables anybody to access the content from any location.

More friendly learning

With a responsive user interface, cloud-based LMS offers a better user experience.

Continuous monitoring

As LMS on clouds is built with automation, you can keep an eye over  24/7 and with any hint of slow-down, you can inform the cloud providers and things get resolved in no time.

Lesser maintenance

They are managed by the third party and so you don’t have to manage the IT challenges.

Desirable recovery

A cloud-based software comes with a huge disaster managing backup option.

In training and conducting classes through the cloud, it has many benefits than limitations. When you plan to go for your LMS, opt for an application that runs on the cloud and also with custom options.


Till now, we told you about the benefits of a cloud-based solution. You may wonder how the functionalities can benefit you. Here we talk about a few advantages that will inspire you.


A cloud-based learning software gives better experience in many ways. It comes with the flexibility to be accessed by every kind of device like a desktop computer, Mac, Android and tablets with any browser and 24/7 duration.

With no fixed time and no restricted device application, learners can access the course content at their ease and convenience. They just need to connect and get their lessons done.

Continuous monitoring

With its continuous monitoring functionality, you can oversee your student’s progress and performance and also manage administrative functions without any hindrance or delay.

Generation of reinforcement exercises

With constant monitoring, teachers can understand the areas that need more work. Therefore, faculties can generate reinforcement exercises for better learning and practice by students.

Integration with social tools

This is an amazing feature to have in your software solution. The tools include video or chat conversation scope so that institute and learners can have consistent communication through forums, text messages and more.

With its availability for 24/7, students can log into anytime and receive support from both the faculties and peers.

Immediate course updates

To meet the need for learning expectations of institutes, a cloud-based LMS offers a scope of immediate course updates and there is no delay or confusion. Laos, you will get notified with updates and changes, if any.


The institutes or corporate offices who have embraced remote learning through the use of software and technological advances are better dealing with this phase of lockdown.

If you trying to figure out the perspective of welcoming remote lea ring for your educational purposes, think no more. They have proved to be useful to many, why to stay behind in the time of competition and race?

And when you opt for eLearning as practice, it is always a good idea to have a cloud-based learning management system, for ease, convenience, and money-saving.

This pandemic has come with reasons that people start thinking differently than what they had been doing. It is time, people to come ahead of the conventional practices and get technologically advanced. 

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