From Convention Into Online Learning: Advantages And What To Look For

Online education already gained significance and today in this crisis of global pandemic, it is becoming the best and most suitable mode of conferring classes, without fail.

The institutes which have already taken to digital mode of learning along with classroom studies are dealing better with this lockdown and crisis than those who hold onto the conventional mode of teaching.

Despite popularity why do, many chose the old approaches? Perhaps because trying new is scary or they are not adequately informed.

Here, we shall tell you how distance learning and its management can be convenient with relevant technology and can be both time and cost-saving.

From Convention Into Online Learning: Advantages And What To Look For

Taking help of innovation and technology

There are numerous tasks and paperwork that must be handled by employees in school which can be managed effectively with the help of new tools and software. This reduces manual efforts and tasks and enables better administration.

From lowering workload to centralizing teaching; from being time effective to cost-saving; an online class management software has every kind of solution.  

The following are the main advantages of a remote learning system. Every institute can take advantage and can get it customized to meet specific needs.

Why have a learning management software?

Technology has own benefits. Let us see how learning software can help you.

Fast access

There are many benefits but the primary advantage is fast access to every kind of relevant information about students like performance and attendance to mention a few. The system helps you track through students’ progress and how they are being able to take up the studies.

The courses and syllabus are in detail and can be accessed by both faculties and learners, in no time.  You can see the timetable and any modifications to the exam schedule in real-time without any delay.

Improved productivity

With the integration of technology in your institute, you can witness better productivity. With easy collaboration between school and students, there is better communication between different departments and teachers. With easy collaboration within the institute, this improves work productivity. As the software is cloud-based, information can be edited and accessed by the respective authority and this saves time and increases productivity.

Easy monitoring

With a centralized system, and streamlining of workflow, the stakeholders in an educational institute can easily monitor both pending work and also ongoing progress. This saves time and also helps is fast checking errors and therefore edits can be initiated without any delay.

Better communication

Conventional communication can take more time, whereas, with a cloud inspired software, communication is fast and can take place anytime at any hour of the day.

There is also better communication between various departments, teachers and management. This can be attained only with a managing tool that comes inbuilt in a learning software

Easy tracking

You can easily track all data and information and retrieve them in no time. This helps regarding information about students, timetables, exams, fees and more. 

Also, this comes with the scope of inventory and hostel management or you can get the latter integrated for any custom software.

Remote access and automation

These are two essential benefits. With remote management, this will help save time and with no delay, you can access every data and make necessary changes as required. Also, learners can access courses without much worry.

And automation is a time-saving benefit. This allows auto-generated reports and records, thus saving manual efforts and error if any.

How to choose a remote learning management software?

When you do some research, you will find many companies are offering their products with respective claims. So, how to decide what could be the right choice? Here, we write about the parameters that will help you decide which school management software to consider for your institute.

Any good software will come with benefits like data-keeping, admission assistance, uploading courses, scheduling, transport tracking, fee collections and more. But you must go according to your requirements. 

For a bigger institute, you will need something that can simplify the complex and huge processes.

Therefore, when you select a school managing software, you must look for the following prerequisites and this would help in your purchase.


What you need is a software which is flexible technically so that it is feasible with any modifications made or changes that are made.

A school managing software must have its flexibility so that it can suit your system and adapt to changing needs.  Choose a system that can easily be integrated with your existing system.


Your managing system is a very crucial thing. It should be reliable. You can also learn from feedbacks about how others are finding or how reliable to have a system for your institute. It is wiser to learn how the software helped an institute and what are the challenges faced if any.


The software must be easily accessible by all, the administration, faculties, students and the parents. If a software does not have all the portals, you can get it customized, because all of them are necessary. Also, you must know how significant a solution could be for your institute.


Not every school managing application will be useful for every school. You have to find out what suits your institute. Many software is difficult to understand or integrate.  Therefore, you need software that is both user-friendly and intuitive.  You must have the technical knowledge to handle software, better a solution is less complicated and can be used with existing knowledge.


You need something that saves your money, so also you must go for something which is affordable and suits your budget. You must do online research about features and compare prices before you decide.

It may also be tricky if you find all features at a cheaper rate. Instead, take an idea from testimonials and feedbacks about the software review. A great school managing software will have distinguished features and also come within an affordable range.


As we already mentioned, good software must have portals for school, students and parents, anything lesser cannot be a solution to go with. A centralized system that offers better collaboration can ensure better in an application.

The best software will transform all paperwork into an automated solution and seamlessly help you in your journey.  For instance, Flipclasses is a cloud-based learning management software with custom options and every feature that you would love to have in the software that you want for your institute. To learn more, click here.


Apart from the above-mentioned considerations, you may have your requirements. It is recommended to go for custom facilitated online class management software and get it tailored as your need. But, do welcome and integrate the digital changes in your existing education system.

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